SuiteBox Solutions SugarCRM’s 2015 global conference held in San Francisco, has just concluded and this year the event was bigger and better than ever. As one of 50 entrants for the annual AppThrowdown competition SuiteBox was awarded best in class Mobile solution.

A panel of industry leaders made the decision and we were invited to demonstrate the solution live to the entire conference prior to being presented with the award. This achievement is particularly ‘sweet’ given we are a relatively new partner for SugarCRM and some of the organisations competing have been building solutions and integration for much longer. It was also gratifying to receive accolades from the panel on the simplicity and effectiveness of our design and the compelling value proposition to customers. The delivery of a pre-integrated offering means SuiteBox is immediately available to all of SugarCRM’s extensive customer base through the extensive partner community. SuiteBox is also now available through the Sugar Exchange.

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