Global software provider of digital workspace technology SuiteBox has upgraded its software to allow for four-person meetings that, for the first time, enables the multi-party signing of documents in a secure cyber environment.

Ian Dunbar, CEO of SuiteBox, said: “This new functionality allows for a meeting host and up to three participants to meet together to virtually witness, sign and collaborate on documents in real time, in a safe and secure cyber environment. No other video conferencing software option offers this capability,” said Dunbar.

“In a business environment, digital workspace solutions must meet the demands of business. So we have upgraded SuiteBox to offer more flexibility in terms of the number of participants and secure digital signing capabilities,” he said.

“This is a world’s first functionality, that will enable all businesses to progress deals more quickly. It’s a busy world and it’s often impossible to conduct meetings in person. Our software enables up to four people to participate in the business transaction, which overcomes geographic and time barriers to help you and your clients get deals done and documents executed right away. Uniquely, SuiteBox enables a document to be signed by multiple parties within the digital workspace. No other technology globally facilitates this sort of capability.”

Over 600 companies globally use SuiteBox’s digital workspace. The company is experiencing a rapid expansion given the growing popularity of video conferencing in business and the engagement it offers with clients.

“Most surveys tell us that customers prefer meeting personally with their professional advisers to arrange their financial, legal or tax affairs. However, this can be costly and impossible if you and your client are located in different cities or towns. This is where the digital workspace can overcome time and geographic barriers and deliver significant business benefits and an enhanced client experience,” said Dunbar.

“For example, a professional adviser may leave a document in the SuiteBox digital workspace for invitees to review and sign at their leisure, and meet if they need to via video or in person. All interactions are recorded and stored, providing the highest level of compliance and authenticity of the transaction.”

SuiteBox is the only digital workspace technology solution in the world that allows businesses to share, amend and digitally sign documents with customers in real time and authenticate documents on-screen to complete transactions. Professionals can meet clients in their very own secure digital workspace anytime, anywhere and discuss documents together, and then store them back in a location of the client’s choice.