It’s been just over a month since the LookSee Wellington week, when 93 LookSee finalists from around the world had job interviews for skills shortage roles with Wellington employers.

So far, 64 of the 93 tech specialists have either accepted job offers or are in discussions or negotiations with Wellington employers.

Dave Jones, Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) business growth and innovation general manager, says the recruitment stage of the tech talent attraction programme is progressing well.

“We’re pleased with the progress, and we’re looking forward to further placements from the initial group coming through in the months ahead.

“Finalising international recruitment takes time. There’s a long list of things to be done before stepping on a plane to bring your life – and in many cases your family – to a new country.”

“Employers recognise this, and are prepared to wait for the right people,” Jones adds.

Simon Marsh, Wellington City Councillor, who holds the Council’s Economic Development portfolio, was also pleased with how LookSee was developing.

“LookSee Wellington has raised Wellington’s profile in the international tech community far more cost-effectively than a traditional marketing campaign.

“Add to that the recruitment of top quality talent into much-needed key tech roles in Wellington businesses, both from the initial group of visiting candidates and the wider database, and LookSee Wellington represents a valuable long-term investment into the kind of programme Wellington City Council looks for WREDA to be involved in.”

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