Hi everyone,

I wanted to drop a quick note outside of my usual two-monthly investor updates.

A positive development since the last shareholder update is the employment of Zheng Li as the director of product. Given great product is at the core of our offering it’s important that we have a strong lead in this area with advanced user interface ability. Zheng has run Wellington web shop Zing Design for the last four years and has a strong pedigree. Because Zheng is both a Raygun shareholder and my wife, the Raygun Board ensured a rigorous process was run. Director, Michael O’Donnell, led the recruitment process and together with Jeremy carried out independent assessment of Zheng for the role. Having secured Zheng for the role Michael said he is “stoked” to have her on the team. At the same time we also engaged one of Zheng’s employees, Sam Holt as a front end engineer, further beefing up our capacity in this area.

You can read the public announcement here: https://raygun.io/blog/2015/07/raygun-acquires-zing-design/.

Raygun will be bringing over Zheng & Sam, as well as some of the assets of the Zing Design business. This is a talent acquisition, and we won’t be continuing the services work that Zing Design is known for, or taking over the trading entity, when Zheng intends to wind up.

Company Name

I had mentioned our intention to rebrand the company as Raygun Limited. We have changed our name with the companies office now, so formally we are Raygun Limited. The Mindscape brand will be discontinued. We have not yet undertaken the public side of the rebrand yet but I wanted to update you that formally we are now ‘Raygun Limited’.

Kind regards,

John-Daniel Trask
Co-founder & CEO
Raygun Limited