As the internet pulls audiences in all sorts of directions, and brands risk losing touch of their market, Motion Sickness Studio and Latch Digital have responded by creating The Social Club, a platform which aims to create meaningful connections between brands and influencers – and it’s not as exclusive as you think.

Founded late last year, The Social Club aims to be the solution to the “really heavy process” of leveraging social influencers according to general manager Justin Clark, who says trawling through social media and negotiating contracts takes a lot of time, so the idea of a place where influencers and brands can connect themselves was born.

“The need for the platform was to create something so both the influencer and brands could have something to easily create campaigns and enter the market.”

He describes The Social Club website as a “two-way market place” where influencers can login to view the brands and brands can login to view influencers. Both build a profile about themselves and have the opportunity to reach out with proposals for those they want to work with.

It is also working with a number of PR and creative agencies to assist with the influencer element of campaigns.

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