As part of our on-going commitment to build our board capability we are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Paul Reynolds as a United Kingdom based Director of 9 Spokes.

Many of you may know of Paul as the previous CEO of Telecom New Zealand (2007 to 2012) where he led the world’s first Telco structural separation. Prior to that he was the CEO of BT Wholesale (2000 to 2007). Paul received his PhD from the University of London and The Telecommunications Industry Association of America awarded Paul it’s ‘Global Icon’ award for leadership and innovation in 2006.

In addition to his directorship we are fortunate that Paul is taking up an executive position in Europe to assist us to open up the European Market. Paul will work with the NZ team to assist us with executive recruitment, investor relations, key corporate ‘channel’ clients and of course strategic European Online Software Partner’s (OSP).

Paul Reynolds
CEO and Experienced Director