We take good ideas – and make them great.


We’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs achieve better results with their ideas.

We want to find entrepreneurs with the vision, energy, experience, and desire to build great companies,
and then give them the fuel and the resources they need to achieve success.

Investment Process

1. Introduction

Pitch your idea to us. Tell us all about your business, and your vision for the future.

2. Assessment

We determine what we can do, how we can help and whether we have a future working together.

3. Equity

If we think we can do business, we get involved, take equity and move forward.

4. We Build Together

You get access to our world-class team of designers, developers, marketers, and business people and together we build something amazing.

Investment Policy

IT Ventures has been established with the objective of becoming a major New Zealand based web design-focused investment company. The Directors intend that the Company will make investments in companies with a particular focus on design enabled concepts and ideas, including companies and businesses which the Directors believe are under-capitalised, such as small businesses which are unable to reach their full potential, and as such have the potential to create value for Shareholders.
The Directors intend that IT Ventures will make direct investments in and directly help manage its web based companies and projects, as well as making investments in such companies and projects through various investment vehicles. The Directors collectively have considerable experience investing, both in structuring and executing investment strategies and in raising funds.
The Directors will use this experience to identify and investigate investment opportunities, and to negotiate acquisitions. Wherever necessary the Company will engage suitably qualified technical personnel to carry out specialist due diligence prior to making an acquisition or an investment.

Investment Philosophy

All development stages, with a view to accelerate the growth of businesses and to breed web based concepts and products that may be within the core of tomorrow’s world.

  • differentiated concepts or brands
  • high growth potential

  • marketable brand name, offering a promising outlook for internationalisation and product diversification.

The Directors intend that the Company’s interest in a proposed investment may range from a minority position with strategic control up to 100% ownership with the objective of creating a portfolio of strategically integrated companies. These proposed investments may be made through a direct interest, an indirect interest through a partnership, or joint venture.

The Directors intend on identifying and investing in investment opportunities which they believe show excellent growth potential on a stand-alone basis and which would add value to the Company either through the expertise of the Company‟s personnel or through ongoing funding.

Investment Universe

The New Zealand market will be our first primary sourcing area for business opportunities we intend to focus on, given that there is many undercapitalised concepts and small dynamic web based businesses unable to reach scale.
Nevertheless, this New Zealand bias will not prevent us to follow an active and opportunistic investment strategy outside of New Zealand, most particularly on selected emerging markets, where we have also identified prospective investments and acquisitions targets.